1. Hi, I'm Bersabeh Zenebe and I am a junior in Communication Design, studying a minor in Computer Science.
  2. Besides this course being required for my major, I am also very interested in UX and finding ways to engage with peers through popular media.
  3. I have taken a computer science code where we used JAVA to code, and have also researched html on my own.
  4. I hope to learn how to set up a cool app.
  5. Designing for a screen is directly affected by the code and how well it is written, thus requiring a good deal of knowledge on such.
  6. vogue.com is a fashion website that best exemplifies good design. It incorporates simple shapes, elegant typography and central orientation to create a website that is effective to scroll through, explore, etc. It is easy to visually maneuver.
  7. nytimes.com is the online base for the ney york newpspaper. It mimics the style of real newspapers by sectioning off articles with a bar. It exemplifies hieararchy of information with larger texts and smaller texts, and also includes an image per article to describe that information.
  8. twitter.com is one of my favorite websites. It is a social platform where users can tweet 180+ characters, images, and videos. They are posted to a timeline that includes tweets from accounts that you follow. Add a hastag and you can find other tweets with the similar keyword. This platform is effective overall because it congrgates pubished statements and shares it together. The tweet is a rectangular bar, with a profile picture, and icons underneath the statement where people can retweet, like, bookmark, and share. This execution includes sharing tools that really show that this website is a social platform.