Postcard Feedback

Image 1: Nice direction from wand to text. Seems to be opportunity for you to play more with the contrast here. Perhaps a drop shadow over text could support. I notices the line weight of this image is considerably heavier than the other two - worth considering for the consistency of how it will look with text when moving through images.

Image 2: Just noticed: some sentences have a period or question mark at the end and some do not. How does this read? Also this image has the least image ocnstrast of all...Can you manipulate the image to add details tot the painting? how else can you compensate to keep the consistency throughout?

Image 3: This image seems very bottom heavy...and the text is hard to read through. I think it will be better to read if oriented horizontally and the text size was brought down or the image was made larger.

Overall: Images are concise, simple, and effective. These images deliver a hearty, personal, and humorous effect . However, I think there is lots of opportunity to make a bigger impact by including color.
For each of the iterations, I prefer the vertically oriented version. I think it works well for the readability.
The text involved can act as a means of providing a resting moment for the eye while enjoying the verticality of images.
The negative space is consistent throughout. I think the relationship between your type choice and the negative space must be carefully considered to take these images further. Also consider how you want text to travel. Do they go up and down? Across? I think a movement will work better than a shrink or growth planted in one place.