Ethiopian Kitfo

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Serves: 3 - 4


2 lbs top round beef (freshly cut)

6 ground cayenne pepper (Mitmita*)

4 tablespoons clarified butter (Nitir Kebe)

2 tsp teaspoon cardamom powder (korerima)

1 teaspoon garlic powder (optional)

Salt & Pepper

1. Cut the meat in small pieces; remove fat and seams.

2. In a food processor put small amount of the meat at a time, spread some mitmita, grind until meat is finely chopped; using a fork, remove any residue of fat and seams; place the spicy ground meat in a dish; repeat the process until all required meat is done.

3. In small pot, on a lower heat melt the butter, add the remaining mitmita, false cardamom, (garlic, black pepper, salt, if needed); remove from heat.

4. Combine the spicy ground meat with the spicy butter; using fork and spoon, mix it until completely marinated.

5. Place it in a lightly warm serving dish, serve it immediately with Injera or bread. If preferred, sauté the marinated meat for two to three minutes.

6. Note: As Steak Tartar is uncooked dish, choice of first class quality meat and cleanliness is important.

* You will find these spices in Ethiopian or Indian shops/groceries.

** Please go to to see how to prepare Purified/Clarified Butter (Nitir Kebe).

Complements well with Tela (Ethiopian Beer) and warm company!